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Impact Austin Crosses $8 Million in Grants to Central Texas Nonprofit Organizations

Explore Austin, The Dream Come True Foundation, Yellow Bike Project, and Austin Soundwaves are the latest grant recipients from the women’s giving circle.

AUSTIN, TEXAS – June 8, 2022 – The members of Impact Austin and Girls Giving Grants (g3) have crossed a milestone of $8 million in grants given to nonprofit organizations in Central Texas. The women’s giving circle awarded $197,800 to five Central Texas nonprofit organizations during Impact Austin’s Annual Meeting on Monday, June 6.

This spring’s Impact Austin Community Partners are:

  • Explore Austin and Yellow Bike Project (Community Grants)

  • The Dream Come True Foundation and Austin Soundwaves (Education Grants)

  • Texas Family Initiative to Support Human Trafficking Survivors (g3 award)

“It’s amazing to honor what 2,857 female philanthropists have been able to do over the past 19 years,” said Christina Canales Gorczynski, Executive Director of Impact Austin. Today we celebrate exceeding $8 million dollars awarded in the form of 108 high-impact grants to 88 organizations making a difference in our community.”

About Impact Austin and g3’s 2022 grant recipients:

Explore Austin

$75,500 Community Grant

Through outdoor adventure and long-term mentorship, Explore Austin supports youth from communities historically lacking access to green space as they develop into confident adults. As youth gain a variety of outdoor skills and form close bonds with trusted peers and mentors, they develop the confidence, integrity, and courage to pursue their own versions of success.

The grant from Impact Austin will allow Explore Austin to grow their program to reach more vulnerable youth by expanding into new, underserved areas. Additionally, Explore Austin is working to expand employment opportunities for Explorer alumni and their families and to add an evidence-based environmental curriculum to their program.

Yellow Bike Project

$18,800 Community Grant

The beneficiaries of Yellow Bike Project often come from vulnerable and underserved communities: people in poverty, refugees, people experiencing homelessness, women escaping domestic abuse, and those experiencing difficult life transitions. One of the most important components of Yellow Bike Project’s mission is to empower people through bicycles. In some cases, they provide a commuter that helps them to better access jobs, education, and health care. In other cases, the organization teaches bike mechanic skills that make their clients more independent.

The grant is unrestricted and awarded in support of the mission and programs of Yellow Bike Project, including their Ride to the Future work training program for youth.

The Dream Come True Foundation

$75,500 Education Grant

The Dream Come True Foundation partners with individuals and their families to move them out of poverty to sustainable independence through education, mentoring, workforce development, financial assistance, and access to community partnerships.

The Impact Austin grant will allow The Dream Come True Foundation to increase by 40% the number of Dream Achiever families served, to 105 people in 35 families in Austin and surrounding communities. Our grant also increases economic support for these families moving out of poverty. Finally, the grant will facilitate expanded services and partners for youth mentoring, tutoring, mental health resources, after-school programs, and school readiness programs. The overarching goal is that the second generation will be successful and will not fall back into poverty. The Dream Come True Foundation projects that 100 individuals will move from poverty to prosperity through this program.

Austin Soundwaves

$18,800 Education Grant

Austin Soundwaves is an arts education nonprofit serving nearly 700 students in the Austin metro area, with the mission of making music learning accessible and equitable for all. Working directly with school and community partners, Austin Soundwaves offers programming in band, orchestra, and mariachi, as well as interdisciplinary arts and creative youth development programs like the Draylen Mason Fellows and the Dr. Teresa Lozano Long Fellowship.

The grant is unrestricted and awarded in support of the mission and programs of Austin Soundwaves.

Texas Family Initiative to Support Human Trafficking Survivors

$9,200 Girls Giving Grants (g3) Award

Texas Family Initiative (TFI) is a child welfare nonprofit with more than 55 years of experience providing quality services to children and families across the Midwest. The TFI team is equipped to offer comprehensive, research-based, therapeutic programming to evaluate each survivor and find the best path of treatment based on individual needs, allowing survivors to heal and thrive.

This grant will be used to support Nicole’s House, designed and operated by TFI, to provide temporary care in a healing, therapeutic environment for female survivors of human trafficking. Nicole’s House works with each youth to assess their specific experiences and circumstances to determine the best pathway toward healing and recovery.

2022 Heath & Well-Being and Equity Grant Applications

Applications for Impact Austin’s Health & Well-Being Grant and Equity Grant will open on July 8 and close on August 2 at 5PM CT. On November 15, the grant awards will be announced and new Community Partners introduced during Impact Austin’s Town Hall meeting. More information about upcoming grant opportunities can be found at

Impact Austin welcomes new members year-round and identifying as female is the only requirement. Each member contributes $1,250 through an annual payment, monthly payments, or a scholarship to fund the organization's grants and operations. Impact Austin Community Partners are also invited to join at no cost. Members can get involved by voting on grants, joining a committee, participating in the review process, attending social events, learning philanthropy education, and more. Information is available at

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About Impact Austin

Impact Austin’s mission is to cultivate the collective wisdom and strength of women to transform ourselves and our communities through philanthropy. Impact Austin has now granted $8.07 million to nonprofit organizations and collaboratives in Central Texas. Impact Austin’s youth initiative, Girls Giving Grants (g3), creates learning and leadership opportunities for Central Texas girls in grades 8-12. The organization has awarded $107,200 since 2006. Learn more at and


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