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Impact Austin Annual Meeting! Don’t Miss It!

From Impact Austin’s first grant fifteen years ago to today, there is an excitement that starts rising in April each year as site visits are scheduled, semi-finalists are chosen, and the grant review committees zero in on their finalists with laser focus.

It all comes together on June 4th, at the Impact Austin Annual Meeting where the gorgeous celebrities are nonprofits and their amazing programs, the impressive judges are 446 women who have pooled their resources and evaluated grant applications since January, and the anticipation is as high as any Academy Awards show you have ever seen.


Your Vote Matters!

Impact Austin was built on the concept of “One Woman, One Vote,” and it is this commitment to equality and fairness to all members that make the Annual Meeting such a special experience.

Your Friends Are There!

Impact Austin members only meet in large numbers once or twice a year, and this is your chance to connect with old and new friends as we celebrate the mission of supporting our local nonprofits.

You See Results!

Our Community Partners have this opportunity to share with you what they have done to improve our community through Impact Austin grants.

Take a Bow – You Did This!

The Annual Meeting is your opportunity to hear about new developments in grant-making, renew your membership for the coming year, and even a chance to win a prize! Your presence is recognized and appreciated, and the excitement of an Annual Meeting will stay with you long after you have clapped and cheered for the 2018 grant winners.

Are You In?

Click here to register and reserve your seat! The Impact Austin Annual Meeting is a special event and we promise you laughter, suspense, wisdom, excitement, and best of all, the fun of making a difference together! 


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