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Have a Happy Impact Austin Holiday!

The holiday season is here! What‘s your plan to honor the Impact Austin Woman in your life this year?

Does she already have a 2016 Membership? (That is the best present of all, right?)

Whether she is a member or becoming one...

We have an idea that will fit the bill perfectly!

The Impact Austin Vintage Daisy Insignia also comes as a lapel pin!

The Impact Austin Modern Daisy Insignia also comes as a lapel pin!

The Impact Austin Modern or Vintage Daisy insignia is a custom piece of art, handmade in 100% sterling silver, and carefully designed with Impact Austin women in mind. It makes a wonderful conversation starter and a lovely gift for that special Impact Austin woman in your life - Even if that woman is you! 

These insignia are available as pins or pendants, and they celebrate the work of women’s collective giving as Impact Austin remembers its history and enters its second decade. Impact Austin members have contributed millions to Central Texas nonprofits, and we are just getting started!

This custom insignia displays the pride in being an Impact Austin Member and gives support, too!  $5.00 from each Pendant or Pin is donated by Kanti Goods, to help support the Impact Austin mission of philanthropy and philanthropy education for women.

In addition, any other purchases you make at Kanti Goods, using the IMPACTAUSTIN code at checkout, will result in 10% of your total amount donated to Impact Austin through your generosity!

The holidays are here, so get your order in today and all of us at Impact Austin wish all of you a wonderful holiday season! 


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