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Girls Giving Grants: Wrapping up a Joyful Fall Season

By Summer McAfee

Impact Austin member and g3 co-chair

As we bid farewell to a fabulous fall, Girls Giving Grants (g3) reflects on a season filled with exciting activities and meaningful connections. Since September, our incredible girls have been on a journey of learning, giving, and building lasting bonds.

The fall sessions were packed with engaging events, starting with a round of compliance discussions to ensure everyone was on the same philanthropic page. A philanthropy jeopardy game added a fun twist, testing the girls' knowledge and enhancing their understanding of the impact they can make.

Grant application review training equipped g3 members with the tools to assess and evaluate applications effectively. Their dedication was evident during our first two grant evaluation sessions where they delved deep into applications, asking insightful questions and considering the true impact of each initiative. We received 44 applications for the g3 award that will be announced in April and awarded at Impact Austin's Annual Meeting.

Our g3 holiday fun social was a joyous affair, blending volunteer activities with laughter and games. The girls crafted over 70 positive sticky notes for Wonders & Worries, their 2023 grantee and a nonprofit empowering families navigating parental illness. These notes are sure to bring smiles to children facing challenging times.

In the spirit of giving, the girls also wrote positive notes and decorated envelopes for 50 holiday cards, destined for Mission Accomplished. These cards provided encouragement to community members experiencing homelessness during the holiday season.

As the girls gear up for the new year, we express our gratitude to our dedicated g3 advisors* for guiding them through the grant evaluation process. The connections formed and discussions held during the application review committee (ARC) sessions showcase the genuine impact of our Girls Giving Grants program.

With enthusiasm and excitement, we look forward to kicking off 2024 with our third grant evaluations meeting on January 21. Here's to another year of empowering young philanthropists and making a positive impact in our community!


*Thank you to Impact Austin members who facilitate the 2023-2024 g3 program.

Karen Davenport and Summer McAfee, Co-Chairs

Sue Breland, Co-Chair Emeritus

Rebecca Birch, Karen Cox, Nicole Martin, Mae Mendoza, Sandra Rivera, Mariah Sheikh Marissa Vogel as Advisors and Advisor Shadows/Alternates


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