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Girls Giving Grants Alumni: Still Philanthropists!

We visited with some of the program’s alumni to hear how participation in g3 as teens has influenced their lives ever since.

g3 founder, Claire Powers, 15 years after starting the program, pictured with her son Arlo

Claire Powers, class of 2008: “Today I work as a program manager for commercial construction and I am a new mom! g3 jump-started my philanthropic and volunteering endeavors. In college, I joined a community service sorority as well as Engineers Without Borders, where I worked on a project in El Salvador, and ultimately met my husband, who lived in the community where we were volunteering.

It is critical to get the younger generation involved in philanthropy, as it becomes a catalyst in the lives of these young women. I sincerely believe the trajectory of my life would have been very different, had g3 not been a part of my life.”

Askshara Anand, class of 2018: “I am currently a sophomore at Duke University double majoring in computer science and global health. I'm passionate about exploring the intersections of artificial intelligence and global health and having a social impact with my career. In the future, my goal is to become a social entrepreneur and create technology that positively impacts the women’s global health sphere.

My participation in g3 was the start of my

G3 alum and current student at lifelong philanthropic journey. Because of

Duke University, Akshara Anand my exposure to the nonprofit space and learning how to think critically about my own community, I was given a framework for problem-solving in the future. Instead of simply informing us of issues in our community, g3 gave us the ability to think critically about how to better these issues and how to create sustainable change through evaluating nonprofits that were doing this.”

Kelsey Randle Haley, class of 2011: “After high school I went on to undergrad and grad school to focus on nonprofit leadership. Because of this experience I was asked to speak on stage for TEDX Youth in Denver. I am very lucky that I have been able to continue to live a life focused on making this world better. I now work in corporate social responsibility. I got married, adopted two dogs and live in Austin.

g3 allowed me to take a deeper look at how I engage with my community and how I choose to live my life. When you donate to Impact Austin you are investing in a ripple effect to change the way we engage, empower and activate.”

g3 alum and current Corporate Social

Responsibility professional, Kelsey Randle Haley

Madalyn Marabella, class of 2016: “Today, I’m a student at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in Management Information Systems. When I graduate [in May], I’ll be moving to Chicago to work as a software consultant.

g3 helped me view service as a part of life, rather than just an extracurricular activity. I have interned or volunteered with Austin nonprofits all through college, and I don’t know if I would have taken those opportunities had it not been for g3.

I actually picked my major because of g3. I applied to UT as a business major, planning to study management and go into nonprofit administration. About halfway through college, I developed an interest in coding and technology and changed my career goals. I didn’t lose my desire to work in the nonprofit world, but I wasn’t sure how to unify service and technology. For my favorite class I have taken at UT, I worked on a software project for a local nonprofit. That class showed Madalyn Marabella, me exactly how those two interests can both be part of my

g3 alum and UT student future."

There is no doubt that each of these young women’s lives were changed because of g3! Impact Austin is proud to highlight these alums, who are still changing their communities for the better every day.

A gift toward Impact Austin for our 2020 Amplify Austin campaign will not only support 8-12th grade girls in our community in becoming philanthropists—it will ensure that the Central Texas community is better and stronger with each generation of rising leaders. The future of philanthropy is female! If you would like to join Impact Austin in this effort, visit our Amplify Austin page to pre-schedule your gift or to sign up as a peer fundraiser. If you’d like to get even more involved in Amplifying g3, email Nicole to find out how!


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