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Four Finalists Named for Spring Grants

At our June 6 Annual Meeting, Impact Austin will award a total of $188,600 in the Community and Education focus areas. Members attending the Annual Meeting will be able to congratulate new Community Partners and celebrate Impact Austin surpassing the $8 million milestone for total grantmaking.

Following a process that includes initial application review, deep-dive reviews in sub-committees, and site visits with nonprofit representatives, Impact Austin Grant Review Committees (GRCs) selected two finalists in each focus area. Each finalist will receive an Impact Austin grant.

In mid-May, the entire Impact Austin membership will receive voting packets to facilitate individual votes that determine grant amounts. The finalist in each focus area receiving the majority votes will be awarded a restricted grant of $75,500 (for the purpose proposed in the grant application) and the other finalist will be awarded an unrestricted grant of $18,800.


- from a field of 21 initial applicants

Explore Austin - Leadership, Mentoring, & Outdoor Access Program

Yellow Bike Project - Ride to The Future


- from a field of 20 initial applicants

Austin Soundwaves - Empower/Achieve

The Dream Come True Foundation - The Dream Achievers Program

Impact Austin's fall grant cycle will kick off with a Nonprofit Workshop on June 29. Grant applications will open July 8 for the focus areas of Equity and Health & Well-Being. Registration for Fall Grant Review Committees will open on the same date.


​Learn more about Impact Austin Grantmaking and Grant Review Committees.

Find information on all current and past grants here.


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