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Focus Area Committee Participation: One of the Best Perks of Impact Austin Membership!

This is the time of year when our members sign up for Focus Area Committees (FACs) to help us select the worthy organizations that will be our finalists for our 2015 funding.

Here’s the way our grant process works

Every year nonprofits submit Letters of Inquiry (LOIs).  These are carefully screened and those selected by the FACs are invited to submit full grant applications.  

Full grant applications are more fully researched in subcommittees of the FAC and then the full committee votes to narrow the pool of applicants to the site visits and eventual finalists that will be voted on by the membership at large.

Impact Austin has a strong reputation for a diligent and rigorous grant review process. Our members learn to evaluate grant proposals by considering the credibility, capability, commitment, feasibility, and significance of each applicant organization.

Each year, members gather at our Annual Meeting in June to vote on which worthy causes will receive a grant from Impact Austin. The ten finalist applicants make a presentation to the membership, votes are cast (each member gets one vote), and the winners are announced that evening.

The “perks” of Focus Area Committee Participation? 

Learning what makes a good program and a good nonprofit.

Learning what financial aspects are positive and how to spot the negative.

Working with other savvy women like you in a collaborative process that will amaze you with its outcomes.

And the very best perk of all?  Making lifelong connections and friends in your work on an FAC!  Sign up to be on a Focus Area Committee this year, and get these perks for yourself.


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