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Exploring and Overcoming Generational Biases

On July 16, from 12:00-1:00 PM, Impact Austin’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Committee will offer the second of its three-part webinar series. The first of the series examined equity in the disability world. The last, on October 15, will consider equity around gender identity and sexual orientation. Our live webinar on July 16 will explore generational biases and how we overcome them.

REGISTER NOW: Exploring and Overcoming Generational Biases | FRI, JUL 16 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM

Impact Austin member Julie Norton will introduce the session and speaker Anna Liotta.

In this unprecedented time of global change, we are being called to create an inclusive experience for a diverse multi-generational organization that's empowered, informed, and vocal. To meet this challenge, we invite you to unlock the collective wisdom and talents of each generation, learning their unique blueprints, as well as the currencies that drive them and give them the greatest satisfaction.

For Impact Austin members and all attendees, the webinar's learning objectives include:

  • Provide equity across generations in our work as a grantmaking organization

  • Create inclusive experiences within multigenerational organizations

  • Recognize that generational changes are coming and prepare for them

The following questions will be considered, and audience participation will be invited.

  • How does an organization help its members express their true gifts and ambitions?

  • What are the positive traits of each generation and how do we express those equitably?

  • What are the misunderstandings about the different generations?

  • How do we position our organization to appeal to younger generations?

  • How can we systematically reach out to other generational circles?

  • How do we connect emotionally with new members to provide a sense of belonging?

About Anna Liotta

Presenter Anna Liotta is the founder of The Generational Institute and author of the best-selling Unlocking Generational CODES. She is an award-winning speaker, business consultant, and author. Anna is a sought-after thought leader on generational leadership sales and customer service with clients that include Amazon, Bloomberg, Coca-Cola, Red Robin, Microsoft and the NBA. Anna served as the President of the National Speakers Association 2019-2020. Being of service is integral to Anna’s mission, and she has served on 53 nonprofit, education, and corporate boards.

We’re excited to hear how Anna’s expertise and advice can be applied to our nonprofit and grantmaking sector. And, we’re enthusiastic to learn (in Anna’s words) “What Makes Each Generation Tick and What Ticks Them Off!”

#JoinImpactAustin for Exploring and Overcoming Generational Biases on July 16.


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