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Committee Spotlight: Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management Committee co-chair Betsy Blair talks about why Impact Austin needs you.

I joined Impact Austin because I wanted to learn more about our community and its needs and I wanted to know that my charitable giving was being put to good use. In the process, I learned so much more than I ever imagined and met the most incredible women. I know I’m making a bigger impression on the community than just my donation alone.

It took me a year or two to realize it, but what makes Impact Austin work is the women who give their time and energy to the organization.

And it is a lot of work. It’s writing the processes, doing the committee work, making the decisions, collaborating with other members, making phone calls, even licking stamps. It requires effort and focus, but it leads to great results.

For the first several years of my membership, I was involved in the grants process. I thought that was key to Impact Austin’s success. I served as a committee member, an advisor and eventually the grants chair. And while the grants process is certainly critical to our mission, it’s not the only thing that this organization is about.

I moved to volunteer management when I realized that there was a missing piece.

There were amazing members who wanted to be involved, but they were having trouble finding a way to get connected.   I wanted to be that connection.

As co-chair of the Volunteer Management Committee, I work with an incredible team of women to assure that everyone finds a place where they fit in Impact Austin. We have the gift of such a diverse and talented group of women, and everyone has skills that they can contribute to making this organization the best it can be

Members with tech expertise are helping us make decisions about our technology strategy and keeping us current. Other members are using their organizational skills to plan amazing Impact Austin events. 

Many of our members share their personal stories and our organization’s story to raise awareness about Impact Austin and to recruit new members. 

We have board members who bring top-level insights from years of management experience and we have members who keep everything running, opening the mail, balancing the checkbook, managing the calendar and making the coffee.

Impact Austin isn’t just a place to put your existing skills to use. We encourage you to venture out of your comfort zone and explore a new part of the organization that you may not know anything about. Whatever your interests are, we’ll find a place for you, so click VOLUNTEER, and let’s get started.

If you have a minute or a month, I want you to be involved.

Questions?  Let’s talk.

~Betsy Blair


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