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We have learned alongside our Community Partners as they have faced challenges, overcome barriers, and achieved extraordinary successes. Find out more about each project and the outcomes below.







Lirios Pediatrics


Lirios Pediatrics

Lirios Pediatrics

Project Title:

Expanding Care for Kids

Project Description:   

Lirios Pediatrics is a nonprofit medical provider offering free preventative well-child exams, acute and chronic care, school vaccinations, prescription medication, and mental health counseling to uninsured children in Central Texas. Lirios is currently the only free clinic in Texas that provides care exclusively for uninsured children. Through partnerships and in-kind donations, Lirios is able to provide radiology, laboratory services, bus passes, food, clothing, medications, or gift cards for prescriptions to all patients. Lirios receives donations of all its vaccines, significant portions of its medical equipment, and its office space additions.

With the Impact Austin grant, Lirios will expand services for uninsured children.

  • Expand capacity by hiring an APC and an MA which will increase Lirios’ available appointments by 50 percent (approximately 750 appointments) and double the total number of vaccines provided

  • Impact the community by reducing strain on local hospitals and emergency rooms, while enhancing school attendance rates through timely child vaccinations

  • Provide additional care for chronic diseases and increase the ability to offer ancillary care such as X-rays, labs, and timely diagnosis of illnesses

  • Reduce wait times, which are currently five weeks for an appointment

Grant Status:   

Grant in progress. Check out their finalist video! 

For More Information:   

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