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We have learned alongside our Community Partners as they have faced challenges, overcome barriers, and achieved extraordinary successes. Find out more about each project and the outcomes below.




Health & Well-Being



The Other Ones Foundation


The Other Ones Foundation

The Other Ones Foundation

Project Title:

Enhancing the Lives of Families Experiencing Homelessness

Project Description:   

The Other Ones Foundation offers low-barrier work opportunities, case management, and humanitarian aid to people experiencing homelessness in Austin, Texas. 54% of those served are people of color. Since their inception in 2017, TOOF has helped 300 clients move into stable housing, paid out over $2,000,000 in earned income to people experiencing homelessness, and moved more than 2,000,000 pounds of trash out of green spaces in Austin. TOOF is currently building the Esperanza Community Shelter Complex, which will include four neighborhoods that will offer clients the ability to have an address and access to resources including physical and mental health support, food, and hygiene.

Goal: The Impact Austin grant will pay for the salary of a data analyst for one year to assist with data collection and analysis, quality assurance, and evaluation of the effectiveness of TOOF programming.  Data is critical for equity in service provision and continued growth that aligns with community needs.

Grant Status:   

The goal of Impact Austin’s grant was to help TOOF offer high quality, equitable programming that is responsive to community need. Impact Austin funds supported a Data Impact Specialist, hired on January 9th, 2023.  This grant has increased data literacy, drove quality improvement efforts, and made data available that has allowed TOOF the opportunity to win new grant opportunities, including an Emergency Solution Grant allocation from Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. TOOF very recently launched a client exit survey, which the data specialist was instrumental in designing. While it’s too early to see results, they are excited to analyze the data in 2024 to improve programs and possibly seek funding.

The Other Ones Foundation’s 2023 impact reported 596 clients served and 288 people moved into stable housing across all their programs. Earned income paid to people experiencing homelessness totaled $920,000, while 838,031 lbs of trash was removed from green spaces in Austin.

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