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We have learned alongside our Community Partners as they have faced challenges, overcome barriers, and achieved extraordinary successes. Find out more about each project and the outcomes below.




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Austin Child Guidance Center


Austin Child Guidance Center

Austin Child Guidance Center

Project Title:

Children’s Mental Health Expansion Initiative

Project Description:   

Austin Child Guidance Center offers mental health treatment for children through early intervention, diagnosis and treatment. 

Impact Austin’s grant will aid the Children’s Mental Health Expansion Initiative, which will allow the organization to hire two new therapists to provide individual, family and group therapy, parenting classes and psychological assessments for Central Texas children. This will increase the number of children and families served at the center by 67%. These therapists will complete a process to qualify for reimbursement for their services from private insurance companies and government agencies, making this one-time investment self-sustaining.

Grant Status:   

During the grant period, ACGC was able to hire three therapists (vs. the estimated two). The therapists have completed the paneling process necessary for insurance reimbursement, providing ACGC the ability to generate program income to support the additional salaries and related expenses into the future. 

During the funding period, 152 new children and 181 family members were provided with individual, family, or group therapy services. This total, 333, falls short of the 410 ACGC projected due to the fact that more clients served required longer-term treatments, which prevented enrollment of new clients. Also, ACGC experienced unexpected external factors, such as closing the center for repairs and renovations. 

Although the output was lower than expected, ACGC was able to increase their long-term capacity by 104 children and 130 family members above their proposal. In total, Impact Austin funding has permanently increased ACGC’s annual capacity by 286 children and 358 family members.

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