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We have learned alongside our Community Partners as they have faced challenges, overcome barriers, and achieved extraordinary successes. Find out more about each project and the outcomes below.




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Literacy Coalition of Central Texas


Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas

Project Title:

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas Parents & Little Scholars (PALS)

Project Description:   

Literacy Coalition of Central Texas was founded in 2001 by a network of literacy providers and community leaders to ensure Central Texans have the skills to reach their full potential. They provide direct services and embed best practices in 67 coalition organizations. In the most recent fiscal year, 1,200 children and adults were served through direct service and collaborative partnerships. Of these, 98% were non-white, 90% were low income, and 40% were self-reported as victims of violent crime.  Included among Literacy Coalition’s programs is the Parents and Little Scholars (PALS) parenting and school-readiness program, with services in Austin, Manor, Del Valle, and Pflugerville.

The grant is unrestricted and awarded in support of the mission and programs of Literacy Coalition of Central Texas.

Grant Status:   

Grant in progress.

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