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We have learned alongside our Community Partners as they have faced challenges, overcome barriers, and achieved extraordinary successes. Find out more about each project and the outcomes below.




Health & Well-Being



CASA of Travis County


CASA of Travis County

CASA of Travis County

Project Title:

Bridge to Permanency Program

Project Description:   

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Travis County was established in 1985 to advocate for and protect children who have experienced abuse or neglect. CASA of Travis County achieves this goal by training community volunteers to make independent and informed recommendations to a court about a child’s best interests. The role of a CASA volunteer is to get to know the child and gather information from individuals who connect with the child, including the child’s family, teachers, doctors, therapists, and others. CASA of Travis County supports more than 600 volunteers who advocate for more than 1,000 children a year. CASA states that its first goal is to keep children with their families, when safe to do so.

The grant is unrestricted and awarded in support of the mission and programs of CASA of Travis County.

Grant Status:   

Grant in progress.

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