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Ecology Action

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Circle Acres Master Plan

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Ecology Action of Texas, founded in1970, is a worker-run cooperative focused on environmental issues, most notably recycling. Their mission is “to educate and empower people to create a healthier environment through waste prevention and accessibility to recycling.” Over their long history in Austin, they have developed a robust system that supports education and recycling. To further their mission Ecology Action purchased a 10-acre tract of land, Circle Acres, in East Austin near the Colorado River where they will develop a commercial composting operation. The goal is to turn local restaurant food scraps into nutrient rich soil. Impact Austin’s grant will support them to make critical infrastructure investments and to map out a master plan for the future of Circle Acres. Ecology Action envisions Circle Acres as a national model for environmental remediation and education, and a key step in the transition to a zero-waste society.

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