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Introducing Our New Members

Thanks abound at Impact Austin this month for the amazing women who are joining us in our mission of collective giving.  We hope you meeting them! We asked them three basic questions – How did you find out about Impact Austin and what inspired you to join, what is your short and sweet biography, and what do you think might surprise or interest your new friends about you? Here are their answers!

Meet Kaytee Bock, and say hello the next time you see her!

“I discovered Impact Austin through my friend, Ashley Crider who invited me to attend an intro event.  I was on the Board of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Northern California previously and was looking for an opportunity to contribute to the community in Austin since I had recently moved here.  The mission and story of Impact Austin really appealed to me and the ability to have direct involvement in helping out the community.”

“I have been many things so far in life such as a punk rocker, a computer programmer, a cancer researcher and a finance/corporate development professional, but above all I love meeting new people, trying new things, helping folks in any way I can and spending time with family and friends!” 

“In November 2014, I led our company's initial public offering (IPO) and got to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  My family had a laugh when my Mom saw me on TV and the first thing she asked was why I hadn't put any lipstick on that day!”


Meet Kathy Hale and say “Hi!” the next time you see her.

“I learned about Impact Austin from a very good friend, Nancy Mutscher. When she described the organization and its mission, I knew it was something I wanted to be involved with. The primary reasons are (1) Impact Austin provides the opportunity to be involved on more than a “writing a check” level, (2) I will get to learn about many organizations in Austin that serve our communities, and (3) my level of involvement can be flexible.”

“I have lived in Austin for about 20 years although, being part of Deloitte and serving clients, many of those years I was gone more than I was here. I am currently in an internal role at Deloitte that enables me to work from home, which I do unless I am traveling."

“I spend five to six months each year at my cabin on a lake in Minnesota but escape before the first snowfall!”


New Member Highlights are a series of posts that introduce you to some of our new members who have joined for FY2018. If you are interested in being highlighted, please contact us and your Impact Austin blog editor will respond to you with the details!

Send your email to and be sure to indicate that it is a New Member Highlight Inquiry.


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