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In Retrospect…What You Did This Year

At the end of each fiscal year, it is tradition to look back and see what was accomplished.

Some do it with an Annual Report (FY2015 is to come!), some with a newsletter, and some just announce it at a board meeting.  

Impact Austin women like to celebrate, in addition to all of those activities!

Here is a short list of what YOU, as Impact Austin members, accomplished in FY2015:

  • 450 women joined their $1,250 donations to fund the Impact Austin organization and six high impact grants

  • Five nonprofits received $80,000 to make their proposed programs expand or come to lifeOne nonprofit won the first ever $50,000 Catalyst Grant, to provide support to the infrastructure that will make their efforts go further, more effectively.

  • Our Strategic Plan was implemented and will be taken further into the future

  • Over 100 women gathered in Focus Area Committees and gave of their time and talent to choose nonprofit grantees we can all be proud to support.

  • Our members were treated to IMPACT-edu offerings to further their philanthropic education and goals

In short, in every way, Impact Austin members and leadership fulfilled the mission, values and vision of this collective giving organization.

Our Mission

We’re a progressive leader in women’s philanthropy, bringing new resources to the community and making philanthropy accessible. Through high-impact grant making, we engage, develop and inspire women to effect positive change.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe a diverse group of women, by joining together, can make a big difference in the community. We value integrity, respect, continuous improvement and innovation. We pride ourselves on our transparency, excellence, inclusiveness and accountability. Moreover, each of our members has an equal voice in choosing the recipients of our grants.

Our Vision & Goals

Our vision is that our women are inspirational role models reaching their full giving potential for a better quality of life in our community. We will ensure our long-term sustainability by tapping into the talents of our members and building Impact Austin from the "inside out."

Bravo, and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Impact Austin Night at the Paramount and if you haven’t joined up for FY2016 yet, don’t delay! 


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