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Community Partner Spotlight on Samaritan Center

In 2014, we granted $100,000 to Samaritan Center for their program, Integrated Health Care for a Healthier Community.

Check out this video highlighting their program!

Samaritan Center's Impact Austin Award-Winning Program:

Integrated Health Care for a Healthier Community

The Samaritan Center’s mission is to provide professional counseling, integrative medicine, and community education to prevent and treat abuse, teach healthy life skills, and strengthen families. The Integrated Health Care for a Healthier Community Project funded by Impact Austin’s grant will address the problem of a fragmented health care system by providing telepsychiatry services and by providing a full-time case manager.  The telepsychiatric care will provide access to time-sensitive psychiatric assessments, medication adjustments and prescription assistance that is currently not available for 208 adults and children.  The case manager will help clients access other needed services in the community as well as improve communication and coordination of care among the treating professionals and clients.

For more information visit Samaritan Center!


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