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Community Partner Spotlight on Colorado River Alliance

We recently caught up with our 2013 Environment Grant Winner, The Colorado River Alliance (the Alliance).

Watch this video that shows what Impact Austin funding helped to create, and what it is doing now!

“It’s very high-def; it’s very realistic…we get a lot of oohs and ahhs!” 

– Carly Surratt, The Alliance Program Coordinator

The Alliance supports natural science education and outdoor recreation programs that encourage the stewardship, awareness, and protection of the Colorado River, particularly to at-risk youth. The foundation also partners with other organizations to organize clean-ups of the lakes that make up the Colorado River.

The Alliance is the only non-profit in Texas dedicated solely to the protection and conservation of the Texas Colorado River. As our population increases, and severe drought conditions persist, water conservation is critical to Austin's future. The Alliance has partnered with the Austin Independent School District, LCRA and Austin Water to create the Texas Colorado River Mobile Learning Experience, an environmental education program focusing on water conservation, which will reach over 5,000 7th grade students annually. The mobile classroom will use interactive exhibits to enhance learning and reinforce the link between personal behavior and the environment.  Since the classroom is mobile, it is also used at community events, bringing the conservation message to the broader Austin community.

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Visit the See Our Impact page to learn about all the wonderful work our members have supported over the years. 


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