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Celebrating 15 Years of Impact!

What's a great way to celebrate your 15th Anniversary?

Why, with a small, but precious piece of jewelry that will bring back memories for years to come and celebrate you as an Impact Austin Woman, of course!

Thanks to our friend (and fellow Impact Austin member!) Ernestine Lammers, a custom insignia in sterling silver has been designed and crafted by Kanti Goods silversmith, Dambar just for Impact Austin.

Click on the image below and see the Impact Austin Kollection Modern Daisy! It comes as a pendant or as a lapel pin and every purchase will generate a $5 donation to Impact Austin’s fund development.

The Impact Austin Daisy insignia is a custom piece of art, handmade in 100% sterling silver and imported from Nepal. It makes a great conversation starter and can also be a lovely gift for that special Impact Austin woman in your life.

In addition, any other purchases you make at Kanti Goods, using the IMPACTAUSTIN code at checkout, will result in 10% of your total amount being donated to Impact Austin through your generosity.

Celebrate 15 years of making an impact in Central Texas philanthropy and Happy Anniversary to Impact Austin!


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