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Wonders and Worries

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Girls Giving Happy Days

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Wonders and Worries was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2001. Now they report seven offices in Texas, several national services, and 58 registered Wonders and Worries providers in 23 states and Japan. To date, they have supported more than 14,000 children and teens dealing with a serious illness or injury in their families. Services are free of charge to ensure access for all families whose teens and young children are struggling with a parent’s tragic health diagnosis. Last year 31% of the families served by Wonders & Worries were living in low-income households. All Wonders and Worries services are available in English and Spanish, and face-to-face or virtual meeting options ensure access for families with transportation barriers.

This grant will support Wonders and Worries' family events initiative - providing fun family activities to families functioning under the dark cloud of a parent's serious illness.

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