February 13, 2019

Seven Nonprofits Invited to the Next Stage of Catalyst Grant Review

Members of Impact Austin's Catalyst Grant Review Committee have completed first-round assessments of proposals from 28 nonprofit organizations. Of these, seven have been selected for the next stage in the review process.

The proposals moving forward are listed below. After deep-dive review, this list will be further narrowed down for site visits conducted in April. These organizations will compete for a Catalyst Grant of $100,000.

Congratulations to our area nonprofits that are progressing through the Impact Austin grant process.



Project Title

AGE of Central Texas 50 is Magic
American Gateways Capacity Building
Ann RIchards School Foundation Redesigning Public Education
Breakthrough Central Texas Growing the Impact of Program Delivery
Creative Action Elevating our Impact: Staff Development & Capcity-Building Initiative
Senior Access Senior Access Awareness
TreeFolks TreeFolks Capacity Building through Infrastructure Improvement

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