Economic, social, environmental, or cultural enrichment programs and projects in the Greater Austin area.



Programs and projects that further the ability to educate and/or improve education in the Greater Austin area.


heaLth & well-being

Programs and projects which strengthen and enhance the lives of children and families, or positively impact the mental or physical health and wellness of people in the Greater Austin area. 



A catalyst grant provides funding for the purpose of strengthening or growing a nonprofit organization in order to improve its future performance, impact and sustainability, all in support of its mission and vision.


social innovation

The Social Innovation Grant will fund a high-impact grant for a collaborative focused on advancing equity for women and/or girls of color in the Greater Austin Area.

Impact Austin Grants

Impact Austin combines donations from its members and gives multiple high-impact Grants each June to local, worthy causes selected by our members.

In 2020, Impact Austin will award one g3 grant (Girls Giving Grants), one Catalyst Grant and three Program Grants. The Program Grants are divided into three areas: Community, Education, and Health and Well-Being. Additionally, Impact Austin will award the Social Innovation Grant in November 2020.


Organizations may apply for only one type of grant (Program or Catalyst) per year, and may also apply for the Social Innovation Grant in the same year. 


More information:

Starting in the grant year 2020 Impact Austin will have a new Grants Management System. Before applying for a grant you must first create or update your Agency Profile in our new system. If your organization already has an Agency Profile you will still need to update your password. If you do not have an Agency Profile with Impact Austin you can create one when you begin entering your grant application.


If you have questions please email us at grants@impactaustin.org.

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