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Social Innovation


MEASURE, Girl Scouts of Central TX +

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The Innocence Initiative

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The Innocence Initiative is a collaborative effort between five organizations –– MEASURE Austin, Girl Scouts of Central Texas, Hearts 2 Heal, Lone Star Justice Alliance, and Community Advocacy and Healing Project –– to address the adultification of Black girls in Central Texas. The Initiative describes adultification as a social or cultural stereotype that is based on how adults perceive children in the absence of knowledge of children’s behavior and verbalization. With adultification, racial stereotypes become more important than the fact that they are children, depriving them of the safety and security they would be granted otherwise.

The Innocence Initiative will use the funds from the Social Innovation Grant to take six courses of action to address the adultification of Black girls:

- A community empowerment and Girl Scouts recruitment event focusing on Girls of Color
- The development of an online tool to connect parents and guardians to lawyers when faced with potential criminalizing outcomes
- Training 50 defense attorneys in Central Texas
- Pushing for a public health approach to potentially criminalizing behavior in schools
- Launching a public education campaign
- Issuing a report with the support of Georgetown University on the impact of the adultification of Black girls in Central Texas

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